These 5 Upcoming City Building Games For PC in 2023 Are Worth The Wait!


Okay, assuming that you love city-building games (now don’t tell you to don’t), we are here with a list of 5 upcoming city building games for PC in 2023 that are simply worth the wait. These games are actually best for testing out your construction and management skills (yes, you are the country’s next best builder) and showcasing your legendary potential to craft something amazing. If you are waiting for a couple of new games, then 2023 will be in your favor!

5 Upcoming City Building Games for PC in 2023

Forget about the shooting, fighting, and racing games! And then, there’s something fascinating about city-building games, agree? Read about these upcoming city building games in 2023 to fill your leisure time effectively. Here you go-

1. Farthest Frontier (Platform: Microsoft Windows)

A still from the Farthest Frontier game

Release Date: August 9, 2022 (Full Launch in 2023)

One of the most awaited (full-release) Upcoming City Building Games in 2023, Farthest Frontier is promising. And, the game lets you build a city in the farthest places of the maps, globally. A group of charge has to remake their lives by constructing the given city. Moreover, help them to survive (and thrive gradually). The game features deep farming systems you have never imagined.

2. Builders of Egypt (Platform: Microsoft Windows)

A still from the Builders of Egypt game

Release Date: H1 2023 (expected)

Ever imagined building a city amid the deserts of Egypt? Yes, you can do that by playing this PC game. Builders of Egypt lets you build things that will directly affect your kingdom’s success. You will witness the earliest periods of history. The gamer will build, build, and build, until the demise of Cleopatra. You have to be strategic, wise, and careful while you take over the historic history.

Ever wondered becomign a Viking? The next game is a dream come true!

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