While the majority of us use Instagram to share pictures of food and tag our friend’s in memes, there are people using it for an altogether more prolific purpose: to make some serious cash. Yeah, it’s true.

While you wait for a like on a picture, or if you’re lucky, a follow back, some people use this platform as a serious (very serious) money-making business tool – getting paid more for one Instagram upload than we make in a month. Who knew an internet account could fund your whole life, and a luxurious one at that.

But, how do they manage to make so much money from a single post? 

Instagram has now become an effective marketing tool for various brands. One can not even imagine how much a celebrity’s post can increase profits of a brand and get them acknowledgement on social media. While some accept their online endorsements, there are a few who refrain from doing so. Well, because it’s just a product in hand with the slogan facing right way with the perfect lighting, sure – so what?

So the next time you like their post, you should know you made them earn a fortune.

Here’s how much celebrities earn per upload on Instagram, check it out!

1. Kevin Hartkevin hart actor and comedian


$1 million (₹ 6.4 crore) per post

Yeah, ONE MILLION. Comedian Kevin Hart has surely built an entire empire for himself with his earning per post on Instagram.

2. Selena Gomezselena gomez


$550,000 (₹ 3.5 crore) per post

Along with being the most followed celebrity on Instagram, the 23 year old music sensation and producer is also making some serious money through her posts – be it a soft drink brand or a skin-care product, it’s definitely a mammoth figure.

3. Cristiano Ronaldofootballer Cristiano Ronaldo


$500,000 (₹ 3.2 crore) per post

Superstar in his own manner, Ronaldo is the highest earning male for endorsements on Instagram. Other than his 300 billion deal with Nike, he earns a phenomenal amount for each post with various collaborations. He’s got the ball in his court, always.

4. Kim Kardashiankim kardashian


$500,000 (₹ 3.2 crore) per post

Besides having her recently established beauty line, KKW, and innumerate covers, Kim is known to promote and endorse assured and authentic products ranging from jewellery to morning sickness medications. Making a whopping half million per post, she’s a business woman in the truest sense.

5. Virat Kohli 

cricketer virat kohli23.4m followers

$500,000 (₹ 3.2 crore)  per post

It’s not about exotic holiday destinations or fancy private jets for our captain.Virat Kohli is the only highest paid Indian athlete according to Forbes, and why not, since he particularly endorses products and brands for millennials. The ultimate youth icon.

6. Kendall Jennerkendall jenner


$250,000 (₹ 1.6 crore) per post

Kendall Jenner is no average girl. While being the brand ambassador of Adidas, Coca Cola and a successful international model wasn’t enough for Kendall, she fills her kitty with her Instagram endorsements. Because why the hell not!

7. Kylie Jennerkylie jenner


$200,000 (₹ 1.2 crore) per post

Although the youngest of the sister lot, 20 year old Kylie has possibly earned more than any of her siblings at such a tender age – she’s the girl everyone wants to be.  Just when we thought her cosmetic line was her ultimate fortune-bringing business, she also does several brand endorsements for healthy-living food products.

8. Gigi Hadidgig hadid


$120,000 (₹ 76 lakhs) per post

The Hadid girl is surely on the right path with her collaboration with Tommy Hilfiger. Not only does she earn per post, but in return also increased traffic on the brand’s website by a big margin. Now that’s some celebrity influence.

9. Khloe Kardashiankhloe kardashian


$250,000 (₹ 1.6 crore) per post

A talk-show host and now a fashion line brand owner, even though she gets paid half of her sister Kim, Khloe Kardashian endorses hair tablets to waist-reducing products.

10. Kourtney Kardashiankourtney kardashian


$250,000 (₹ 1.6 crore) per post

Although her claim to fame was the family’s reality show Keeping up with the Kardashians, the sassy and oldest, Kourtney continues to stay in limelight for her product endorsements varying from vitamin tablets to holiday destination pictures.


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