Dwayne Johnson and Tom Cruise are both interested in teaming up for a future film. The box office used to be run by movie stars who would draw in audiences regardless of the property. The current Hollywood system and audience tendencies favor IPs and franchises over who is starring, although having a recognizable name and face can help. One of the last few true movie stars is Cruise, who remains a box office draw. Even a film like The Mummy that received bad reviews still performed well overseas thanks to Cruise’s box office clout.

If there is another movie star in this same fashion, it may just be Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. He’s turned otherwise ridiculous films into massive hits at the box office on his own. But, when he’s attached to a franchise name, the box office receipts go through the roof – like with Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. Somehow though, the two men haven’t shared the screen – but they’re open to it.

Tom Cruise was asked by ET Canada about a potential team-up with The Rock on the big screen. He says he’d be interested in the idea and couldn’t stop saying how fun it could be. Johnson then chimed in on Twitter, teasing his desire to make it happen, while promising the only people who would have more fun then them on set would be the viewers.

One of the keys to Cruise’s continued success is his daredevil nature and insistence on doing his own stunt work. This has especially made the Mission: Impossible franchise something special in recent entries, and the reactions to Mission: Impossible – Fallout are hyping some of his most insane stunts so far. Even with the injuries suffered during the latest installment, Cruise shows no signs of wanting to slow down.

If Johnson and Cruise are going to make a team-up happen, one of the dozens of projects Johnson has in development could be put to use. They’re reportedly looking for another male lead in Johnson’s Red Notice, where Cruise could also team up with Gal Gadot, giving the movie three of the most popular names in the industry. Cruise could also add more star power to San Andreas 2 should that ever happen, or even dive into a comic book role for Black Adam.


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