A place for knowledge, entertainment, leisure, and wisdom, Booklooker is a German online platform that offers a decent collection of books, films, music, audiobooks, and games. Founded in October 1999 by Jens Bertheau and Daniel Conrad, Booklooker was primarily opened as a book flea market for needy students. The amazing fact about Booklooker is that there are over 3,600,000 customers already registered as of July 2022. The online platform is one of the largest book marketplaces in Germany.

Except for books (which was the prime product of the Booklooker), the company soon expanded the range gradually and included a nice collection of films, audiobooks, music, and exciting games. The Booklooker Platform is not just limited to its own website as it also operates the marketplaces at,, and! Booklooker also offers a useful research tool for students for stationary bookstores. Also, the online platform also offers Booklooker Used Books at a very reasonable price.

Booklooker Books & More: A True Platform of Wisdom

Booklooker Germany is a reliable and useful platform for buyers and sellers who needs to register to exchange knowledgeable stuff. The platform holds an impressive rating of 4.9/5 on Trustpilot and users found the service very transparent, convenient, and pocket-friendly. Back in 2022, Booklooker Books introduced a commission system for book sales. Though it was previously totally free of charge.

Booklooker Germany’s concept is quite similar to platforms like ZVAB, ILAB, AbeBooks,, and Biblio. No matter if you shop for Booklooker Games, Booklooker Audio Books, Booklooker Music, Films, or Booklooker Books, the collection is massive and updated on a regular basis. The company earns its profit only through commissions on sales of audiobooks, games, etc.

How To Get Access to Booklooker?

To get access to Booklooker Used Books, audio, games, and music, you just need to visit the Booklooker Germany Website. Just register yourself for free by creating an email and a strong password. After having your Booklooker Registration done, you can now access the collection of everything available on the website. You can browse books and other media of your genre.

To do that, you can type the author name, title of the book, and keywords. You can also select a new book or a used book. Booklooker will show the results. You will be displayed with the available books with the price. Simply add the book to your cart and make an online payment. The website also features the top 100 books that are trending for readers. Likewise, you can browse for audiobooks, films, games, and music.

To sell a book or media, you can fill in the required details on the Booklooker Website and type the offer price. You can also save your favorite books you may buy in the future in the Booklooker Wishlist.

Why Choose Booklooker?

  • Countless authors
  • Easily buy and sell platform
  • Entertains bargaining
  • No listing fee
  • Promising security through buyer protection program
  • Cheap seller fee
  • Easy to access media


A book lover is always in pursuit of a knowledgeable book collection. Many customers buy books directly from the book store, but many rent them online at an affordable price. Booklooker is one of those platforms that offer easy buy & sell facility and browse through a promising collection of books, audiobooks, games, and music. Try Booklooker to grab your favorite author’s books and take a dive into the realm of wisdom!


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