5 Best LGBTQ Movies To Watch This Pride Month

LGBTQ movies

LGBT stands for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender. Every year, the month of June is celebrated as Pride Month in the United States of America. You must be wondering why LGBTQ is celebrated in June? Pride month occurs in the USA to commemorate the stonewall riots that occurred at the end of June month, 1969, resulting in many pride events happening this month to recognize the impact of LGBT people. Also, three US presidents have officially declared June a pride month to celebrate.

On the occasion of Pride month, let’s revisit some of the most influential films about LGBTQIA+ of all time. The films are best to watch to celebrate love and spread compassion all around. Personally, Price month is the best time of the year to watch these movies. You will witness how far ideas can go to represent LGBTQ in storytelling. Not only will you experience liberated love, but also drama, comedy, documentary, and also historical romance filled with longing for love. Some are too sexy to handle, some represent sadness too, but some are worth inspiring the LGBTQ community.

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5 Best LGBT Films To Celebrate Pride

A lesbian couple in romantic mood
A lesbian couple in romantic mood

From movies about homosexuals to LGBT romance movies, the list of best LGBT films is quite long. But not to worry, we have picked the top 7 from the list. You can binge-watch them this Pride month with your friends and companion and get the feeling of Pride, togetherness, and compassion. Not only these LGBTQ movies are inspirational, but it lets you know the side of love you are unaware of!

Here is the LGBT film list-

  1. Moonlight (2016)

Moonlight is one of the best gay movies, that also won an Academy Award for the Best Picture in 2017. This LGBT movie features Chiron Harris (Trevante Rhodes) from childhood to his adulthood, as he was guided by a drug dealer whose name was Juan, played by the Mahershala Ali. Ali also won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor. Sadly, Harris’s story was not necessarily with a happy ending, but it’s full of poignant observations about growing up with such queer identity.


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