Upwork Product Updates (Q3 2022): Get Your Work Done in New Ways!


During Q3, Upwork introduced a variety of new updates that are truly designed to make users’ work on Upwork easy. Whether you’re a leading professional, an online business owner seeking talented people, or a true leader of a big organization. From showcasing your various services in the right way to seeking targeted professionals in search, using Upwork is now better and more convenient than ever before. We already know that Upwork is one of the best platforms to find work, clients, etc. online. With these updates, there will be more smooth functioning.

Upwork Product Updates for Q3 2022

With these updates for the quarter third of the year, users are expecting more efficiency and productivity on the PC and Upwork app. Below are the changes you must read if you use Upwork for work!

Get a lucid view of active contracts

Upwork redesigned the contract workroom section on the website to make it easier for Upwork users to see and manage their work agreements. Moreover, when users click on an Upwork active contract, they will see:

  • A more refreshed user interface
  • Contract actions are located in the overflow menu (you just need to click the 3 dots in the upper right corner of the screen)
  • An ‘overview’ tab with all recent files & weekly billings and earnings
  • A details tab with Upwork contract terms & feedback

Now accurately advertise services with the custom Project Catalog tiers

While using Upwork’s Project Catalog to sell services, users can now customize every tier to accurately reflect what they do. Furthermore, users are no longer bound to the “starter, standard, and advanced options. At Upwork, you can now create your own ‘custom tier labels’ & descriptions as per your needs. These tiers help clients search for your ‘Project Catalog’ and fetch better results.

Set the rate with Upwork’s new calculator

Whether you are setting a rate for the first time or looking forward to changing what you charge, Upwork built an all-new “Rate Calculator” that can actually help. The new Calculator considers both monthly expense inputs & the number of hours you would like to work each month to effectively calculate the minimum rate you want to charge from your clients.

Go deeper into big/complex projects with a 1:1 consultation


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