Starbucks coming to italy

Starbucks is finally coming to Italy with stylish location. Starbucks is arguably the most popular and well-known coffee company in the world. With so many stores scattered across the globe, it’s more difficult to not find a Starbucks nearby. Having said that, there are still a handful of countries that don’t have any Starbucks locations a concept that might stun many. But Italy can now count themselves as one country that isn’t without the coffee chain anymore.

After rumors suggested the coffee giant wanted to expand in Italy, Fortune revealed that it is indeed a reality. A Reserve Roastery opened in the small European country inside of a former Post Office located in Piazza Cordusio, Milan. The building is already a known tourist attraction, so adding a Starbucks will only draw more attention to the early 20th-century landmark.

This Reserve Roastery is 25 000-square-feet and is said to be a tribute to both the city of Milan and Starbucks. The coffee shop’s opening has created 300 new jobs, and will also be followed by regular cafes operated with local Italian franchisee Percassi. This Roastery offers coffee beverages that one would expect from any Starbucks, but also artisanal cocktails and baked goods from Rocco Princi a well-known name in Italy.Starbucks Italy

Rumors of an expansion into Italy a notorious coffee giant in its own right have swirled since the late 90s, making this Roastery’s opening a long time coming. Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz had previously mentioned how he had his sights set on Italy as a potential target market. In a recent company press release, Schultz explained that to be able to finally open a Starbucks in Italy made everything come, “full circle”.

Milan’s Reverse Roastery opened late last week for consumers to enjoy. It’s also not the only Roastery in existence; there are already two in Seattle, Washington, and Shanghai, China. There are rumors of more to come in Chicago, Illinois; New York City, New York; and Tokyo, Japan, though it’s unclear if or when that will be a reality. In the meantime, Italy and its residents and tourists can enjoy their Roastery and Starbucks coffee for what just might be the first time ever.


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