The Airlander 10 is a new luxury private plane that will make all other private planes pale in comparison. It has glass floors, private bedrooms, a bar and those are only a few things passengers can expect if they can afford to travel in style.

What if you could spend your entire flight looking out panoramic windows, or lounging with your friends in a living room setting? How enjoyable would it be not to have to endure delays, nasty flight attendants and cramped seating spaces on a long flight? It would all be pretty amazing, and it soon will be a reality for many people.

Although the luxury Airlander 10 has been in development for years, its design was just released by the firm in charge of creating the first class airplane, Design Q. According to Thrillist, it is basically a yacht in the sky that everyone is going to want to ride on. Based on the pictures, the plane is more of an airship as opposed to your traditional airplane.private jet

The Infinity Lounge has panoramic views, glass floors and a luxury couch setting for passengers, so they are comfortable while enjoying the scenery. There is also The Altitude Bar, which also has panoramic views, as well as a full-service bar for guests to enjoy drinks and food. Those who are sleepy can take a nap in one of the many private bedrooms, all featuring a double bed for ample sleeping space. Plus, it can land anywhere with a flat surface, no runway needed.

There is no doubt this luxury plane sounds fantastic. But there is one serious issue with the airliner. It flies much slower than a regular private jet or commercial flight. In fact, depending on the destination it can take up to three days to arrive, this is apparently part of its allure.

Airlander 10 is currently in the testing phase. It has to complete 200 incident-free test flights before guests are allowed on board. There have been a few hiccups including a crash landing in a test flight back in 2016. Since there is not an official first guest flight date, prices have not been released, but we can bet this baby is going to cost a pretty penny.


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