Vivus is an online loan lender and one of the leading companies in the fintech sector in Poland. Vivus Loan is one of the perfect examples that led to a real revolution in the online loan sector and finance industry. The company is already having 2 million customers registered on the website as the solutions offered by Vivus are firmly adopted by financial institutions. In the year 2012, Vivus launched and introduced an online loan service in the Poland market. The “easy to borrow loan service” is a regular winner of awards if we talk about customer service and hassle-free loan service via the internet.

The 5 times Client’s Golden Laurel winner and the Best Business Partner Statuette, Vivus holds more than 90% of the satisfied customers. One of the satisfied customer’s testimonials wrote on the website “It’s great when there is a shortage of money and most importantly that you pay for a quick payment”. Vivus Loan is surely a boon for those who are short on money but looking for quick financial help from a reliable source.

Vivus Loan in 3 Easy Steps

At Vivus Loan Service, borrowing loan is simple, easy, and reliable. With 3 easy steps, Vivus lets you apply for a loan for every need so that you do not miss anything in life due to a shortage of money. Let’s learn about how you can get an easy loan online with Vivus-

  1. Choose the amount of money you want to borrow from Vivus
  • At first, you need to choose the loan amount and the amount to be paid now.
  • The loan amount can be withdrawn in parts, which is the entire amount granted by Vivus to you, that you can easily withdraw during the loan period.
  • Now, the withdrawal amount is the immediate amount you can withdraw.

Note: It is recommended to choose a large loan amount. Additional amounts can be withdrawn if needed. You need to bear the costs of the paid amount even with your next paid loan.

  1. Register and apply for a loan
  • Enter the necessary details in the Vivus registration form.
  • Read the consent and accept.
  1. Confirm your details
  • You need to make a one-time identification transfer (PLN 1 or PLN 1) from the account (make sure to do it in the same name and surname that you provided to Vivus during your registration).
  • Vivus online loan service will transfer your loan amount to your account.

Now you need to wait for their decision on the Vivus Loan. The company will be informing you about the final decision against your requested loan via e-mail or text after confirming your data. If your identification is confirmed, Vivus will credit the loan amount to your bank account.

Types of Loans Offered by Vivus

Vivus offers many kinds of loans to the needy customers. Each type of Vivus Loan has different benefits and users choose as per their preference. Read below to know more-

  • Vivus loans without certificates

It is a quick form of borrowing money from Vivus without any formalities. You just need to have an identification card and a bank account. Set up a customer profile on Vivus Website and choose the loan amount you want to borrow.

  • The internet loan

The Vivus loan via the internet is available 24 hours. It is one of the most preferred loan types on Vivus. You can quickly borrow money leaving behind the long credit procedure at the bank institutions.

  • Non-bank loan

This type of Vivus Loan lets you borrow from PLN 100 to PLN 3,000. To repay the liability you have 1-30 days of time. The loan can be borrowed either by the Vivus App or website. The best part is if the user doesn’t exceed the repayment date, the company will not have any additional costs.

Note: To know all the loan types offered by Vivus, you can simply visit the website and learn in detail.


Vivus is s trustworthy loan lending company in Poland. With easy procedure and no formalities, customers prefer Vivus to borrow the money as needed. If you are looking for a hassle-free loan company, then you can rely on Vivus Loan Service and never run out of money.


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