covered bugatti divo

Bugatti is still teasing their upcoming Bugatti Divo hypercar in this latest tarp-covered image. We’ve known about the Bugatti Divo for over a month now, what with whispered rumors circulating about private showings to potential buyers in both Los Angeles and New York. Apparently, Bugatti must have shown the assembled masses of one-percenters something impressive since all 40 Divos that have yet to be built are all already spoken for.

We know that the Divo will be based on the Chiron, although it will not be a special edition of that same car as the Chiron Sport was. We suspect that the Divo will have the same 8.0-L quad-turbo W16 engine as the Chiron since it’s awfully hard to make a brand new engine and keep it a secret.

Bugatti has already revealed that the new car will have a top speed of 239 mph, which is a far cry from the Chiron Sport’s 261 mph. However, the Divo is meant to be perhaps the most track-oriented Bugatti since the late 1920s. This means much more downforce keeping it glued to the pavement and also keeping it from achieving the same kinds of ludicrous top speeds as earlier Bugattis.

It must be getting close to reveal time since Bugatti has just released another teaser image showing the whole car beneath a blue tarp. From what we can see bulging through the computer-generated fabric, the Divo really is a very different car from the Chiron. Where the Chiron had a certain bulbous roundness to its every curve, the Divo looks sleek and aggressive, with lines that seem much less concerned with concealing their aerodynamic properties.

The back end of the tarp is also much higher than on any previous Bugatti in recent memory thanks to what seems like a massive rear wing. We got a good close-up look of the new wing last week when Bugatti released another teaser image showing the colors of the French flag embedded in the side.


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